Zephyra Friday (lemonrocket) wrote in lemonstudio,
Zephyra Friday

36 icons - Castle, Miranda, Classic Movie Stars

Eh. It seems like I only have motivation to make icons for challenges. These icons were mostly for rainbow_elite (including a really awesome 20-person battle) and a couple for theskilldrill. Apologies in advance for the number of alts here.

11 Castle (6 + variations)
10 Miranda (5 + variations)
13 Classic Movie Stars (10 + variations) - Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Audrey Hepburn (+ bonus Cary Grant!)
02 Random Movies - Star Wars, Skyfall
36 total



CLASSIC MOVIE STARS (Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, James Dean)

RANDOM MOVIES (Star Wars / Skyfall)

* All icons are yoinkable. Credit, if you're so inclined, goes to lemonrocket or lemonstudio.
Tags: actor:james dean, actress:audrey hepburn, actress:marilyn monroe, art:icons, movie:misc, movie:star wars, tv:castle, tv:miranda
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Absolutely love the coloring, especially the textures you used with classic movie stars!!!!
Thank you!
Miranda Icons!!!!! \o/

They're great. Love especially the "act normal" one.
I love Miranda! And I've been meaning to make some icons of her for ages. :-)

Thank you!
Gorgeous icons! The vibrant colors in 4/5 look stunning, and I love the geometric look in 8-10. Awesome composition and text use in those Miranda icons and a huuuge WOW at 25/26 and 27, the compositions are just brilliant!
Thank you so much for your very kind (and detailed) feedback! :-D
Wonderful icons. Special love for the Miranda ones!
Thanks! I figured it was time I got around to making some Miranda icons. :-)
Very pretty bunch. Love it how you have worked them. Specially on 8-10.

And love Miranda!!!! Mostly Such fin, and the second row.
Thank you! :-D
Lovely coloring! Snagging a couple James Dean icons. Thank you for sharing!
Thank you!
Love the colourings and textures you've used on these, especially on the classic move stars ones. :)
Thanks! :-D
These are all incredible! I especially like the classic stars...I'm a bit in love with #30, it's AMAZING :)
Thank you!
Beautiful icons - took a few of the Classic Hollywood and will credit! :)
Love them